Contractors benefit by increasing profits through buying power, enjoy huge discounts on the following:

  • roofing materials and ACCESSORIES
  • siding materials and trim
  • windows & Doors
Whether you're a large or a small contractor, your bottom line is the most important thing for you. At Allied America, we analyze your spending habits across a variety of construction categories, we assess your savings opportunities and share immediate savings results. Allied America has negotiated discounted agreements with some of the largest distributors and manufactures in the country.

As labor costs increase and material prices skyrocket it has become harder and harder to make a decent profit. Allied America has created a GPO that allows you to benefit from our negotiated purchasing power and strategies.

At Allied America we take care of our own. When you join our vast network you have access to a variety of projects Nationwide that you might not of had an opportunity to bid otherwise. Best part of it all is that it's free to join! As we always say at Allied AMERICA, 'United We Stand, Together We Save."